Digital Marketing


We, at Cephei Technology, specialize in offering digital marketing services to help our clients promote their products and services using various interactive, digital media platforms. We are based in USA but hope to make our clients known not just locally, but internationally. Our team of experienced and talented digital marketers makes use of different online tools and techniques such as SEO, SMO, paid advertisements and more, to reach potential customers, generate leads and convert them into sales. We provide you a complete package at attractive prices and are adept at taking care of all your marketing needs.

SEO : An important part of digital marketing is search engine optimization. Our SEO services are dedicated towards making your website easy both for users and search engine robots to understand. Our analysts and SEO experts painstakingly work round-the-clock to ensure that our client’s website is among the top searches of various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. We will help you in achieving business visibility, build brand image, business credibility, bring traffic and convert the traffic into customers and eventual, sales.

SMO : Social media optimization is often underestimated but in reality, it is a huge and mandatory part of digital marketing. Facebook likes and Twitter shares can really help your company grow and build credibility and trust. It is also a platform where you can interact with your potential customers/clients. We are one of the best SMO experts and accomplish SMO through RSS feeds, video and photo sharing, social bookmarking, blogging and social news buttons. In other words, we ensure the best word-of-mouth promotion campaign for your business.

Paid Ads (Google Adwords, FB Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc.) : Paid Ads candramatically increase your business visibility and it does not limit your reach to just social networks. Content marketing is a popular marketing tactic and we help our clients in engaging potential customers not just via Facebook pages, Twitter account or LinkedIn page but we put the content out in front a larger audience through paid social promotions. Our services are extremely affordable and we at Cephei Technology ensure that you see immediate results.

ORM : We at Cephei Technology offer ORM services because we understand that good public relations is a must as it translates into increased sales and greater social acceptability. Through our online reputation management services; we monitor, address and ensure that we can cast away the whirl of negativities revolving around your brand. We work towards reversing the criticisms and helping you maintain a dynamic dominance over cyberspace.

Analytics : We, Cephei Technology, are a digital marketing company that facilitates the practice of analytics. Data collection and analysis generated in volumes by the internet, helps to give an insight into the preferences and desires of your potential customers and this, in turn, helps your business to expand, grow and keep-up with the changing demands of the market. We analyze and utilize the data for you and assist small to big enterprises to reach great heights of success.