Web Designing


People are used to making snap judgements, so let the impression of your website, be nothing less than perfect! We keep designs simple yet attractive and compel users to spend time once they land on your website.

From a user’s perception, it is the visually-appealing stimuli that works when checking out a website and then it is the usability factor that comes in! Layout, font size, color schemes, typography, high-quality background images, good search facilities for proper navigation- all has to fall into place to ensure that a user spends much time after landing on your website and doesn’t snub or go off to the other competitive website!

At Cephei Technology, our pool of website designers with expertise and over 5 years of experience in their kitty, know how to take care of every minute designing details, offer an aligned structure, reflect a coherent visual message that you want to communicate to your target audience. Good website design is not about too much of colours, flashy images, incessant pop-ups, but something that will ensure web page stickiness, cutting down on the bounce rate and exit rates of a website. De-cluttering, no snail pace loading time of the web pages is the norm to pull traffic.

From Dynamic website design, Static website design to Responsive ones which is the present need of the hour, let your personalized web design reflect a distinctive trait matching the thematic essence of your brand and its personality. Whether it is corporate website design, template design- we can cater to all your website design needs. Your vision of an eye-grabbing banner for your web page or different social media platforms injected with the right business essence can be given a real shape. We also offer logo design services offering your brand a distinctive identity to stand out in the sea of sameness.